James Page

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technical writing specialist.

About ME

A psychology graduate with extensive experience in the crypto & blockchain industry

My introduction to Blockchain started as a general interest back in 2015. Throughout my time studying a degree in psychology the hobby quickly evolved into a serious passion and I begun working as a freelancer and regular contributor to several online publications.

I find great pleasure in sharing knowledge with people from beginners to experts. Blockchain is an incredible technology and I believe it’s going to change the world as we know it.

highly researched

Every content piece I write is thoroughly researched. I really enjoy diving into a topic and finding out everything it has to offer. I have a lot of experience with heavy research from my psychology background. I also take great pride in my work so want to make sure I’m delivering the highest quality content.

Optimised for traffic

Every content piece I write has purpose. I base topics off what people in the real world are searching. I use an optimisation tool called Clearscope. This allows me to specifically target all the sub-topics of a particular topic giving your content the best chance to be viewed.


As mentioned before, I take the extra time to provide the best possible piece of content on a particular topic. I think my pricing is fair, but happy to discuss.


Per 100 Words

For regular cryptocurrency & blockchain related content.
For more complex or in-depth topics I might charge a higher rate.

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